Introduction to Air-Direct

This document will provide you with the basics on how to integrate your website with VeriTrans' Air-Direct.
Air-Direct allow customers to complete payment on the merchant's website without being redirected to Veritrans. Air-Direct sends credit card information directly to VeriTrans
without touching merchant's server by providing a small JavaScript. This minimizes the security risk inherit with processing card payments for the merchant (VeriTrans is certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider)
Merchants focus on their core business, while we take care of the rest.

How it works

Detailed Explanation:

  • Credit card information entry form gets displayed on customer browser
  • Customer enters the credit card information
  • Client key and credit card information is being sent as parameters to Air-Direct.
    • Client Key:is used to identify a unique merchant for whom customer entered credit card information.
  • Air-Direct will respond to browser with Token Id required for payment.
    • Token Id:is one time token used to identify customer's credit card information.
  • Token Id is being sent from customer browser to merchant's website.
  • Merchant's website will send Server Key, Token Id, Transaction Id, payment amount etc. to Air-Direct as parameters.
    • Server Key:is used to identify the merchant who sent request to Air-Direct's API.
  • Air-Direct responds to merchant's website, after authorization only or authorization and capture
  • Payment process is complete.